Celebrating the Finnish composer Sibelius’ 150th anniversary with two days of code, music and digital creativity, inspired by the life, work and time of Sibelius, in Budapest September 12 - 13, 2015.


What is SibHack?

The overarching theme of SibHack is continuous creativity. As a child Sibelius once walked on ice during Spring and as his feet were getting wet from the melting ice he exclaimed: “How wonderful it is to feel the wetness of melting shackles!”, and rushed home to improvise a musical piece about it. In a way, he was a hacker of his time.

In the spirit of Sibelius, we are holding a competition for everyone hovering in the middle ground between art and technology. The objective is to create informative, experiential and experimental digital content, for and by people, inspired by Sibelius. The central theme is social technology and art. You don’t have to be familiar with his work to compete. We will provide information and music for your inspiration.

The teams that participate in SibHack have two days and one night to create a demo that is linked to art and the social aspect of technology. The winning team will travel to and present at the Music Tech Fest in Ljubljana September 18-20, 2015.

SibHack Helsinki October 17-18, 2014

#misaki - Winner of SibHack Helsinki

Sibelius Challenge: a game to play the Violin Concerto by Jean Sibelius using your computer keyboard and mouse.

Antti Laaksonen, Mikko Sysikaski, Toni Annala and Pekka Mikkola

All videos from SibHack Helsinki

How to participate

Form your team

You can participate in the event as a team consisting of two to four people. The more versatile and varied your team is, the better!

Be quick & register before September 3!

Register your team members through Eventbrite. Places are limited, so act quickly. We will fill in ca 50 seats and accept the competing teams by the order of registration. Please, let us know if you are bringing with you special equipment and/or have any technical request for the organisers.

Let us know about you

Register on Eventbrite by following the button below. We ask each team member to register individually and using a team hashtag to identify the team. Tell us about your background, previous work and what your team is planning to do in the hackathon.



What is SibHack?

SibHack is an event for code, music and digital creativity, inspired by the life, work and time of Sibelius. It is a hackathon spanning over 30 hours (Saturday to Sunday) and it looks for creative and open-minded ways to combine the iconic composer with modern technology.

SibHack was first held in Helsinki at the Ateneum Museum in October 17-19, 2014, and resulted in 13 demos of which 10 were chosen to present at the demo session. Jury members consisting of the director of the Sibelius Birth Town Foundation, Erkki Korhonen, director of the Ateneum Art Museum, Susanna Pettersson, and manager at Eficode, Marko Klemetti, chose the Violin Challenge demo by team #misaki as the winner and the Amazibelius by team #suchtech as a runner-up.

On September 12-13, 2015, SibHack is held in Budapest at Tesla from Saturday morning 9 am to Sunday afternoon 3 pm.

The demo session of SibHack Budapest will be held on Sunday September 13 at 3pm at the place of the competition.

Who can participate?

The competition is open to everyone who can be present at the whole event. Teams of one person or no more than four people may apply as participants in SibHack.

How do I participate?

Fill in the registration form. After registration you will get more practical information. For any questions, please send an email to [email protected]

What is a Hack?

Hack, or a hackathon, is an intensive and playful programming competition popular among programmers. The word comes from combining the words hack and marathon. It is usually organised during a weekend.

I do not have a team, but I still want to participate. What should I do?

Let the world know through Twitter (#sibhack), write a post on our Facebook page or contact [email protected] If we get more people with the same question, we can help to connect you.Teams with a diverse background, from different disciplines, will have the most chance convincing the jury!

May I come to SibHack with an existing work?

The idea of SibHack is to develop something new. You may come with a finished project, only if you have the intention to develop it substantially. In this case, please let the organisers know what you are planning to develop.

If the organisers of SibHack notice that a team has arrived with a ready product and have no intention to develop something new for it to be demonstrated on Sunday, the team may be disqualified. We ask for fair play from all participators.

Is it possible for minors to participate?

Yes. Underaged participants require written permission from their legal guardian in order to participate. The permission note must contain the guardian’s name, telephone number, permission to participate in the event and their signature. Please be prepared to present the permission note upon request even before your participation is approved.

Can I bring my own equipment to SibHack?

Yes. Please remember to state additional equipment in the registration form. In uncertain cases, you can ask for further information via: [email protected]

What are the criteria for winning SibHack?

We favour high-quality and open-minded demos that make use of diverse disciplines. We value creativity. We favour teams capable of implementing cross-artistic and scientific demos and dealing with topics in music, art and programming in an open-minded way.

A good presentation is the key! Make sure your work looks good on the screen and thoroughly prepare your presentation.

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